Changing unit for emergency drinking water supply – KCAPv

Changing unit 2,4 – 4 m³ for emergency drinking water supply


  • tank volume 2,4 – 4 m³
  • stainless steel food grade material
  • inspection manhole DN 500 in the upper part of the tank
  • overflow from the tank as overfill protection
  • firmly seated on the container frame
  • hook height 1570 mm according to the customer request

Tank filling:

  • bottom filling from the hydrant by the quick coupling „C“
  • filling line also serves to drain the tank

Water distribution:

  • 2x ball valve 1”
  • 1x ball valve 2” with terminal “C”
  • all fittings are located in an insulated box

Surface design:

  • the tank is placed in a PP cover with PUR foam insulation
  • advertising stickers according to the assignment + inscriptions drinking water