Fixed unit CAK 2

Fixed unit for high pressure sewage cleaning CAK 2

The tank, wiring and all technology is housed in an insulated bodywork made of 40 mm PUR panels. The bodywork is equipped with independent heating for year-round operation.

Water tank – air volume approx. 2 000 l:

  • plastic /event. Stainless steel/
  • filling connection C-coupling accessible from the side of the structure
  • with overflow as overfill protection
  • filling height indicator
  • inspection manhole in upper part of the tank
  • easy to clean water filter for filling

High pressure pump:           

  • working pressure max.150 bar
  • pumped amount 61 l/min.
  • safety and control valve 0 – MAX
  • fine high-volume filter at the inlet to the pump
  • glycerin manometer for operating pressure control
  • auxiliary gearbox drive

Double hydraulic hose drum:

  • hydraulically driven, with stepless speed control in both directions
  • with automatic hose guidance
  • capacity for
    • 80 m pressure hose DN 3/4“
    • 50 m pressure hose DN 3/8“
  • the winch is hydraulically extendable above the sewer shaft + rotating guide roller

Control panel:

  • non-pressure circulation – BYPASS
  • glycerin manometer
  • HP pump pressure regulation
  • optical and acoustic signalization of water level
  • independent heating control
  • hydraulic winch wind / unwind
  • winch speed continuously adjustable
  • working light
  • socket for portable working light
  • high pressure MTH counter
  • button TOTAL STOP

Standard accessories:

  • LED flash lights in the rear part of the superstructure
  • Hook wrench for „C“ coupling
  • fasteners for pickaxe and shovel
  • working light on the rear superstructure part
  • working reflector incl. 15 m cable
  • independent heating
  • 3/8“ and ¾“ cleaning nozzle
  • 3/8“ and ¾“ pointed nozzle with front jet
  • high pressure gun with flat and round nozzle
  • storage space for tools, nozzles and protective equipment
  • filling fire hose „C“ 10 m

Colour design:

  • blue superstructure according to RAL


  • operating and maintenance instructions of the structure
  • operating and maintenance instructions of the HP pump
  • declaration of conformity
  • certified copy of the approval of the fixed superstructure type

Winter measures up – 20 ºC:

  • high pressure part fittings and hoses draining
  • insulation of all structure parts – machines, tanks, drums
  • independent heating located in the rear part of the structure