Combi ADR 10+3

Combined suction-sewage unit FABOK CASK 12/3 in ADR modification

Sludge tank:

  • stainless steel material 316 Ti  (construction according to ADR)
  • wall thickness min. 5 mm
  • total air volume of the tank 12m³
  • tilting backwards by a telescopic cylinder (faster variant)
  • hydraulically openable rear lid in the whole cross section
  • stainless steel sheet under the rear lid – hydraulic securing of the rear lid
  • sludge tank with float level indicator, calibrated by 1m³
  • 2x suction / draining pneumatically operated rear valve DN 150 in stainless steel design
  • suction circuit for the trailer, including control
  • stainless steel removable breakwater, U profile with bottom part shift
  • stainless steel reinforcement on the rear face – upper suction DN 100, manually operated slide valve

Liquid ring vacuum pump:

  • Gardner Denver Aqualine
  • suction capacity max. 2.100 m3/h
  • max. working overpressure 0,5 bar
  • hydraulically operated
  • water cooled vacuum pump
  • heat exchanger with thermostat and ventilator
  • 4-way valve, pneumatically operated
  • stainless steel protection against overflow with float closure and safety filter
  • stainless steel ecological separator with silencer

High pressure pump:

  • power min. 137 l/min, min. 140 bar
  • hydraulic drive
  • full flow safety and control valve, pneumatically driven
  • large-volume inflow filter in front of the pump
  • manometer

High pressure pump accessories:

  • pneumatic circuit for high pressure pump draining
  • 1x pressure gun for 3/4“ hose including pointed and flat nozzle
  • cleaning and pointed nozzle to the hose 3/8“ and 3/4“

Small hose drum:

  • mounted on the rear lower left side of the superstructure with capacity of 50 m high pressure hose DN 3/8’’
  • manually operated
  • quick coupler for high pressure gun connection

Big hose drum:

  • mounted on the rear lower right side of the superstructure
  • hydraulically driven with roll and automatic hose guidance
  • capacity for 80 m high pressure hose DN 3/4’’

Stainless steel water tank:

  • tank capacity approx. 3 m³
  • tank filling from hydrant pressure water from both sides, hose end ‘’C’’
  • with overflow as overfill protection
  • indication of water tank filling with scale
  • high-volume filling filter
  • optical and acoustic level signalization

Telescopic suction boom JUROP:

  • installed on the rear upper part of the tank
  • hydraulically operated extending / retracting
  • suction hose DN 150
  • hydraulically operated lifting / lowering
  • hydraulical rotating
  • pneumatic inner valve
  • range min. 5 m from the axis
  • range of rotation min. 270°
  • control from the main control panel + wireless control of all suction arm functions


  • main control panel located on the right side, covered – vakuum pump on/off, vakuometer, tachometer, counter MTH of vakuum pump, stop button, suction / pressing, engine start + speed control


  • stainless steel side tubs on both sides in the maximum possible lenght, with drip draining according to ADR, closing and lockable – 1x beacon at the rear top of the tank
  • 1x stainless injector DN100 stainless terminal Gösler
  • 1x stainless injector DN80 stainless terminal Gösler
  • 1x stainless needle DN50 end Gösler, at the top bent at 90°, bottom cut to 45° with total length of 1100 mm
  • 1x portable halogen light
  • 2x working light at the rear top of the tank
  • 2x working light on both sides of the tank
  • 2x plastic lockable case
  • 1x aluminium ladder as long as possible
  • towing device ISO 50 on the rear bumper
  • stainless adapter DN150 Gösler/ DN80 Gösler
  • stainless adapter DN150 Gösler/ DN100 Gösler
  • stainless adapter DN 80 Gösler/DN50 Gösler
  • 6 pcs chemically and thermally resistant suction hoses up to 85°C, length 3m, DN80 stainless terminal Gösler
  • 6 pcs chemically and thermally resistant suction hoses up to 85°C, length 3m, DN100 stainless terminal Gösler
  • 6 pcs chemically and thermally resistant suction hoses up to 85°C, length 3m, DN 50 stainless terminal Gösler
  • ADR accessories – bag, ADR signs in front and back, rhombuses at the back and sides, „A“ signs in front and back
  • 2 pcs of 6 kg fire extinguishers, including protective boxes
  • approx. 5 pcs of brass adapters of DN 80 Gösler for various commonly used terminals