Fixed unit CAPV 8

Fixed unit for emergency drinking water supply

For the use of the vehicle in year-round operation, there is a special arrangement of the storage tubs so that all distribution and fittings, including the pumps, are placed in an insulated box, formed under the tank. This design provides sufficient protection against low temperatures and pollution, fittings include automatically controlled, independent heating located in an insulated box.


  • volume 8.000 l, elliptical cross-section
  • stainless steel materiál with the certificate of the chief hygienist
  • wall thickness of the tank and lid 4 mm
  • flexible mounted on the subframe
  • inspection manhole DN 500 on the top of the tank, secured against unauthorized opening
  • handling ladder at the inspection manhole, from the tubes upwards
  • 2x breakwater inside the tank
  • indication of water tank filling with scale located behind the cabin with a possibility to control from operator´s place
  • overflow from the tank under the vehicle as overfill protection
  • storage tubs on both sides of the tank, stainless steel, lockable, insulated, heated by independent hot-air heating
  • orange warning beacon on the rear top side of the tank
  • a 2“ draining tap is located in the lowest part of the tank

Tank filling:

  • down filling from hydrant by the fire quick coupling „B“, located as close as possible to the door
  • filling line also serves to drain the tank by gravity

Water distribution:

  • from the dispensing place with three 1“ ball valves, located in the lockable stainless steel box on the side of the structure, as close as possible to the door
  • by pressure line with quick coupling „C“ using a distribution pump
  • pump power 800 l/min, discharge height up to 90 m
  • pump is made of stainless steel material with food attestation
  • pump is operated from the driver´s place and operator´s place
  • distribution pump, water distribution and tank are equipped with drain holes in the lowest part, which serve for complete drainage of the system

Colour design:

  • acrylic painting – RAL according to the customers request


  • mandatory equipment according to the decree
  • plastic tool box
  • 6x distribution hoses in the length of 1m
  • Holders for hydrant extension and wrench