Changing sprinkling KCASPL 8

Changing sprinkling unit FABOK KCASPL 8

Water pump KSB:

  • Pumped amount max. 800 l/min.
  • Outlet pressure max. 16 bar
  • Pressure line with terminal „B“ event. „C“
  • Lightening BY-PASS
  • Hydraulic drive with electronic power control regardless of vehicle speed


  • Stainless steel tank volume 8 m3     
  • Material AISI 304
  • Filling of the tank from hydrant,or through the inspection manhole
  • Tank with membrane water overflow and inlet water filter
  • Sound and optical signalling level in the driver´s cabin
  • At the top front, a manhole with a lid reachable by an installed ladder on the side of the tank

Standard complete washing bar:

  • Mounted on front DIN board with eight pieces of water jets
  • Controlled form the driver´s cab
  • Possibility of rotating left / right, lowering and lifting to the transport position
  • Stainless steel ball valves, operated from the driver´s cab
  • Removable design

Two sprinklers with flat nozzle:

  • Manually adjustable at angles with pneumatically operated valves
  • Sprinklers are fitted with stainless steel ball valves, operated separately from the driver´s cab

Two pieces of rear ozone nozzles:

  • stainless steel ball valves, pneumatically operated from the driver´s cab

Pressure line:

  • Stainless steel ball valve, manually operated


  • 1x large-volume inlet filter
  • 1x 20 m filling fire hose with coupling „C“
  • 1x streamer
  • 1x wrench for fire coupling
  • 1x reduction C/B
  • 1x warning beacon on the structure
  • HP pump WAP with gasoline engine

Stainless steel self-winding drum with a hose, 25 m DN 8:

  • Additional equipment of the chassis according to the decree (fenders, barriers, warning elements, etc.)

Colour design:

  • acrylic painting, shade according to RAL