Winches – drums

FABOK manufactures and supplies many types of winches for tank superstructures. These winches are divided according to their use into high-pressure hose drums, suction hoses, handling drums for lifting hatches and auxiliary drums. The following variants are possible when specifying winches:

Winches for high pressure hoses

  • Diameter of used hose from 3/8“ up to 6/4“
  • Length of used hose up to 180 m
  • Winches can be manual or hydraulic driven
  • Hose spacing manual or automatic
  • Location of the winch on the rear lid or on the side of the structure
  • Winch mounting fixed, rotating or tilting
  • Material steel or stainless steel

Winches for suction hoses

  • Diameter of used suction hose 80 or 100 mm
  • Use of the winch as a reservoir or with a walk-through swivel joint
  • Winch mounting fixed, dumping or tilting
  • Material steel or stainless steel

Winches for manipulation with sewage hatches

  • Mechanical or hydraulic winding
  • Top or side mounting

Auxiliary winches

  • These are work light winches, grounding winches for ADR, winches for lowering material and accessories into sewer shafts
  • The drive of the winches is manual, with a return spring, or hydraulic
  • Location on the suction boom, suction arm, or according to customer requirements