Changing suction KCASv 12 with piston

Changing suction unit FABOK KCAS 12 ADR FL

Sludge tank:

  • made of stainless steel AISI 316L
  • air volume 12 m3
  • hydraulically openable rear lid
  • securing the rear face in the closed position via hydraulically operated locks
  • stainless steel „apron“ under the rear opening lid
  • inner sliding piston – steel, with arrest possibility in individual positions
  • usable volume for sludge approx. 9 m³
  • stainless steel float level indicator enabling monitoring of the level in the tank
  • suction/draining hole in the lower part of rear lid, fitted with a sliding valve DN 150 with a cap, pneumatically operated
  • second ball valve with cap, manually operated
  • upper suction with ball valve and cap DN 100
  • pneumatic balancing valve, to equalize the pressure in the tank
  • rupture membrane with manometer
  • double stainless steel safety valve + 0,5/- 0,8bar, non-pressure container
  • suction terminals of your choice

Vacuum pump and suction circuit:

  • type JUROP PR 250, water-cooled for heavy usage
  • suction power max. 1.550 m³/hod
  • operating vacuum 95%
  • triple protection against the oversuction and overflow of the vacuum pump
  • mechanical suction / discharge switching
  • control vakuomanometer
  • safety valve
  • automatic lubrication with special dosing (drip) nozzle
  • cyclone filter including float cap, with condensate level control is located between the vacuum pump and sludge tank
  • safety filter with a special ADR stainless steel insert, prevents solid elements from entering the pump
  • two-stage ecological “exhaust” captures the leakage of lubricating oil from the optically controlled pump, including drain plug
  • MTH counter
  • 2x flame fuse
  • Vacuum pump hydraulically driven

High pressure water circuit for washing:

Water tanks:

  • 2x plastic segment tanks
  • Air volume approx. 1.200 l
  • Bottom filling via quick coupling type „C“
  • with overflow as overfill protection
  • indication of water tank filling with scale
  • high-volume filling filter
  • 5 m fire hose with couplings „C“

High pressure pump:

  • pumped quantity max. 15 l/min.
  • working pressure max. 190 bar
  • fine high-volume filling filter
  • safety and operating controls
  • 30 m of high pressure hose 3/8“
  • Hand spray gun with flat and round nozzle
  • Cleaning nozzle for pipes
  • Hydraulically driven

Small hand hose drum:

  • fitted to the right behind the rear bumper
  • firmly anchored, non-rotating
  • capacity of 30 m high pressure hose 3/8“
  • manual hose line

Fixed control panel:

  • located at the rear side of the superstructure
  • with controls for all superstructure functions
  • waterproof and lockable box

Stainless steel open side tubes:

  • on both superstructure´s sides, with draining

Standard accessories:

  • 2x lightened suction hoses DN 100 with terminals, l = 3 m
  • Lockable plastic tool box
  • 2x fixed working light on the rear and front lid
  • socket DIN 24V
  • warning beacon
  • equipment according to ADR incl. the prescribed marking
  • 2x fire extinguisher 6kg


  • operating and maintenance instructions of the structure
  • operating and maintenance instructions of the vacuum pump
  • declaration of conformity
  • certification of the superstructure and chassis for the transport of ADR FL substances

Colour design:

  • tank – akrylic painting in RAL shade
  • subframe – galvanized + grey protective varnish