Changing suction KCAS 3

Changing suction unit FABOK KCAS 3


  • air volume 3,5 m³
  • made of steel
  • firmly mounted on the container frame tilted backwards
  • upper inspection manhole DN 450
  • fixed rear lid with cleaning hole DN 300
  • 2x outer reinforcements
  • level control with 4x sight glasses
  • draining valve FABOK in the bottom part of the lid, pneumatically operated from the rear side of the structure with terminal for suction hose DN 80

Air-cooled vacuum pump JUROP 102:

  • suction power 612 m³
  • overpressure 0,5 bar
  • air filter on the suction
  • reverse valve
  • automatic lubrication
  • vacuum pump exhaust silencer with ecological oil separator
  • oversuction protection by primary closing valve in the tank
  • oversuction protection by secondary closing valve in front of the vacuum pump
  • mano-vakuometer
  • manually operated 4-way valve
  • drive form the carrier hydraulic circuit


  • 2x open stainless steel side storage tub for suction hoses
  • Manually operated front sprinkling bar, the water is discharged from the tank via overpressure

Colour design – acrylic painting:

  • shade according to the customers request

Documents (in czech language):

  • operating and maintenance instructions of the structure
  • operating and maintenance instructions of the vacuum pump
  • declaration of conformity CE
  • approval of the vehicle and superstructure for road traffic

According to the customer´s requests, it is possible to make further modifications of the unit or supply special accessories, eg:

  • manually or hydraulically operated openable rear lid
  • manually or hydraulically securing of the rear lid
  • superstructure modification for transport of hazardous waste according to ADR
  • side suction boom or telescopic suction boom on the top of the tank
  • pneumatically operated rear closing valve and 4-way valve
  • side plastic / segment / clean water tanks
  • high pressure pump for washing of fat separators, sumps or for rinsing your own tank / drive from hydr. circuit of the chassis event. separate petrol unit /
  • high pressure pump for sewage cleaning
  • small manual crane for sewage lids manipulation
  • more powerful, water-cooled vacuum pump