High pressure trailer

High pressure pipe cleaner

Gasoline high pressure cleaner for pipes to DN 100 with HONDA engine and WAP ALTO pump

High pressure pump:

  • Working pressure max. 140 bar
  • Pumped amount 10,8 l/min.
  • Safety valve
  • Manually operated control valve
  • Fine large-volume filter on inlet of the pump
  • Glycerin manometer for working pressure check
  • The pump is flexibly mounted on the trailer

HP hose drum:

  • stainless steel design
  • HP hose 3/8“, lenght 20 m
  • manual winding of the drum
  • manual HP hose guidance
  • BY PASS for non-pressure circulation in front of the drum
  • on the HP hose is possible to easily attach a hand gun for washing shafts, technological equipment, vehicles, etc.


  • basic set of nozzles – 2 pcs cleaning, pointed
  • hand pressure gun


  • operating and maintenance instructions of the HP pump
  • safety instructions for working with high pressure
  • declaration of conformity