Changing suction unit CAS 4,5 ADR AT

Chanching suction unit FABOK CAS 4,5 ADR AT


  • air volume approx. 4,5 m³
  • carbon steel material
  • firmly attached on the container frame with a backward tilt
  • upper manhole DN 450
  • fixed rear face with cleaning hole DN 300
  • 2 pcs of outer reinforcements
  • level control with 4x sight glasses
  • draining valve FABOK in the bottom part of the lid, pneumatically operated from the driver cabin

Air-cooled vacuum pump JUROP 102:

  • suction power 612 m³
  • overpressure 0,5 bar
  • air filter on the suction line
  • reverse flap
  • automatic lubrication
  • vacuum compressor exhaust silencer with ecological oil separator
  • oversuction protection by primary closing valve in the tank
  • oversuction protection by secondary closing valve in front of the vacuum pump
  • mano-vakuometer
  • 4-way valve, manually operated


  • 2x open stainless steel side hose tubs on both sides
  • 2x sprinkling nozzle on the rear superstructure side


  • Shade acoording to customer requirements