Combi 1+1

Combinated suction-sewage unit FABOK CASK 1/1


  • tank volume 1 m³ (water) + 1 m³ (sludge)
  • possibility of 2 m³ water for rinsing – bypass with filtration
  • stainless steel
  • filling connection C-coupling
  • with overflow as overfill protection
  • level control with sight glasses
  • revision tank hole DN 500
  • water filter on the filling line

High pressure pump:

  • operating max. 160 bar / max. 122 l/min.
  • pneumatically operated safety and control valve
  • fine high-volume filter at the inlet to the pump
  • glycerin filled manometer to check the operating pressure
  • at the customer´s request, there is a possibility to supply another brand of the pump, eg WOMA

Big hydraulic hose drum:

  • firmly mounted on the rear lid
  • hydraulically driven, with stepless speed control in both directions
  • automatic hose guidance
  • capacity for 80 m high pressure hose DN 3/4’’
  • cleaning nozzle
  • pointed nozzle

Vacuum pump:

  • JUROP PN58 – power 5800 l/min
  • underpressure  – 0,8 bar
  • overpressure     0,5 bar

Suction circuit:

  • complete suction circuit including primary and secondary float valve, fine filter, safety valve, 4-way valve and oil separator including silencer

Small hand hose drum:

  • firmly mounted
  • manually operated
  • capacity for 40 m high pressure hose ½“
  • cleaning nozzle
  • pointed nozzle

Operating panels:

Operating station for both drums with the following functions:

  • pressureless circulation
  • hydraulic winch
    • wind / unwind
  • winch speed
    • stepless adjustable
  • winch selection
    • small/big

Switchboard, located at the rear, with controls and monitoring elements for:

  • high pressure pump ON/OFF
  • manometer (high pressure)
  • high pressure pump operating hours counter


Sufficiently sized oil tank with return filter and oil measuring device. Sufficiently dimensioned hydraulic systerm from the auxiliary drive of the chassis.

Standard equipment:

  • orange beacon on the structure
  • hook wrench for C-coupling
  • tool storage boxes on both sides of the structure
  • mounting points for pickaxe and shovel
  • work light on the rear part of the structure
  • socket for connection of the magnetic reflector in the rear part of the structure
  • lockable plastic box for nozzle storage
  • 1x magnetic reflector


  • superstructure, acrylic varnish according to RAL

Standard winter measures:

  • pneumatic drainage of fittings and hoses of the high-pressure part