Recycling W&R

Description of recycling

The recycling facility consists of 6 cleaning stages.

Sucked impurities are sucked into the sludge tank against the rear lid and the coarse impurities settled in the sludge tank.

Dividing shield with holes of about 2 cm prevents large impurities from penetrating the coarse sieve.

The sludge water is filtered continuously from coarse impurities through a self-cleaning, off-the-shelf counter-flush sieve. This 0,6-1,0 mm stainless steel mesh sieve is placed in a sludge chamber and controlled by the control system to scan for water about 10 cm below the surface where fats and light substances such as papers, fibres and below float. In manual mode, the sieve can also be set to the bottom of the sludge container.

The SIEVE CLEANING function allows the sieve to be flushed with high-pressure water from the HP pump both during the recycling process and after the washing process.

The water sucked through the above sieve by the rotary pump flows through the cyclone battery, where the mineral parts are separated, back into the sludge tank. Water from this pump is also used to flush the sieve.

From cyclones, centrifuged water goes into two large settling basins chained in succession, with a settling area of about 5 m2, where the remaining solids settle. In tanks, water is always taken from the top and brought in another tank near the bottom.

The second tank is pumped about 1 200 l/min through a battery of 4 cyclones into the recycled water tank. The excess water flows back into the settling tank. Thus, when the VT pump is taken off at 330 l/min, the water will be run about 3 times by the cyclone battery.

The performance of this recycling system was tested at Berliner Wasserbetrieben (Berlin Water Works). After running for 3 days without replenishing clean water, samples were taken and an annealing test was carried out with the following results

  • Dry matter 0.275 g/litre
  • Solids 0.060 g/litre
  • Gravity could not be detected.

These results meet the requirements of HP pump manufacturers for continuous operation. We guarantee that the pump wear is no greater than when working with clean water.